Greenarc announces sign up of Berkeley Financial Partners on their Greenarc Associate Programme

Greenarc announces sign up of Berkeley Financial Partners on their Greenarc Associate Programme

Greenarc, a national and leading provider of sustainable energy consultation and solutions, is proud to announce their recent partnership with Berkeley Financial Partners.

Partnering through The Greeenarc Associate Programme is designed to support businesses that are aiming to enhance the value that they offer to their own clients by leveraging Greenarc’s expertise in carbon consultation and delivery of low carbon solutions such as electric vehicle leasing, EV salary sacrifice schemes, solar systems, LED lighting and much more.

In an era where businesses are increasingly focused on sustainability, the Greenarc Associate Programme addresses the growing appetite among companies to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Greenarc recognises that both vehicles and employees play a crucial role in this endeavour, making them an excellent starting point for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

The partnership originated from both being members of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and through interactions at various events, the partnership with Berkeley, a financial planning firm, is testament to the strategic alliances that Greenarc continues to actively forge. Berkeley’s expertise in salary sacrifice pensions for business owners and directors aligns seamlessly with Greenarc’s vehicle divisions’ own electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme. Berkeley’s consultative approach and exclusive focus on business-to-business interactions further strengthen the partnership.

James Sanders – IFA at Berkeley Financial Partners said: “Our partnership with Greenarc was a no brainer, it was clear from our first meeting that our values aligned. There is also a lot of synergy in our processes and service offered to clients. Both companies aim to leave our corporate clients and their employees in a better position than before we met, utilising salary sacrifice and educating clients in our specific areas. We are so excited to see where this partnership takes us and how we can together help others”.


Greenarc are well-equipped to provide both answers and solutions to the many questions often posed by business leaders regarding their own green journey. A key advantage of joining the Greenarc Associate Program is the opportunity for partners to undergo comprehensive training in the services that Greenarc can support with. Additionally, Greenarc and its partners can collaborate on joint webinars and seminars, providing valuable insights into relevant topics such as sustainability, company vehicles, salary sacrifice schemes and much more.

We are thrilled to sign up Berkley to the Greenarc Associate Programme, a platform that empowers businesses to take meaningful steps toward sustainability,” said Rob Cassidy, Head of Business Development at Greenarc. “Our partnership with Berkeley exemplifies the potential for collaboration and the shared commitment to providing holistic solutions to businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of carbon reduction.”

Greenarc actively invites businesses to join their Greenarc Associate Programme to offer support to their clients and embark on their own journey towards a more sustainable future. For more information, please visit or contact 0345 646 1410.


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