Greenarc Celebrates its Lancashire Skills Pledge Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador Award

Greenarc Celebrates its Lancashire Skills Pledge Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador Award

Greenarc, a provider of sustainable energy solutions, proudly announces its recent success at the Lancashire Skills Pledge Awards, where the company secured the prestigious “Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador” Award.

This noteworthy accolade underscores Greenarc’s commitment to cultivating talent, promoting skills development, and contributing significantly to the advancement of the local workforce.

The Lancashire Skills Pledge Awards, an annual event recognising outstanding contributions to skills development and apprenticeship programs, spotlighted Greenarc’s proactive efforts in championing apprenticeships and actively participating in shaping the landscape of vocational education. The recognition reflects the company’s pivotal role in promoting learning and development within Lancashire.

Charlotte Knowles, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Director at Greenarc said:

“We are honoured to receive the Lancashire Skills Pledge ‘Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador’ Award. This acknowledgement validates our ongoing commitment to investing in the next generation of skilled professionals. At Greenarc, we believe in the power of apprenticeships to shape bright futures, and this award affirms our dedication to making a positive impact on the local community and beyond.”

Iqra Aziz, Energy Advisor at Greenarc comments:

“I’m grateful to Greenarc for giving me the opportunity to start my career as an apprentice. I looked into alternative routes to higher education, but an apprenticeship was the perfect fit for me and I believe the knowledge and experience I have received is invaluable for getting into the world of work. Myself and all of the other apprentices at Greenarc feel supported and valued by everyone in the business and I hope to see our legacy continue.”

By actively participating in apprenticeship programs, Greenarc is contributing to the growth of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that will drive innovation and success in the region.

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