Greenarc’s Sustainability Director Joins Calderdale Green Economy to Propel Net Zero Goals

Greenarc’s Sustainability Director Joins Calderdale Green Economy to Propel Net Zero Goals

We are proud to announce the appointment of Sustainability and Social Responsibility Director, Charlotte Knowles as a member of the Calderdale Green Economy initiative.

Calderdale Green Economy is a collaborative effort that unites businesses and community leaders in driving sustainable development and addressing the challenges of climate change. By appointing Charlotte to this key role, Greenarc aims to showcase how business leaders can play a crucial role in shaping and demonstrating a green future.

Charlotte Knowles, Charlotte Knowles, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Director at Greenarc comments:

“Greenarc’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental practices to encompass social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

By actively participating in initiatives like Calderdale Green Economy, we are leading the way in guiding positive change in the community and I hope we can inspire other businesses in the Calderdale community to follow suit and contribute to the collective effort to achieve net-zero emissions.

My appointment reinforces our dedication to a greener future, and I look forward to supporting the district’s ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2038.”

Martin Hey, Green Economy initiative lead, commented:

“I’m delighted to welcome Charlotte to the Green Economy initiative. Greenarc are one of the region’s fastest-growing businesses, but they also have a clear focus on sustainable and responsible business practices. Charlotte’s commitment to ethical business makes her a perfect addition to our Green Economy team.”

To find out more about the Calderdale Green Economy click here.

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