Lighting the Way to Success: Wigan Athletic’s LED Transformation with Greenarc

Lighting the Way to Success: Wigan Athletic’s LED Transformation with Greenarc


Wigan Athletic Football Club is an English professional football club based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in League One.


The Challenge

Wigan Athletic, a professional football club with a history spanning over eight decades, faced a significant challenge in their facility’s lighting system. The existing lighting infrastructure not only provided subpar illumination, affecting the overall experience for players and spectators, but it also incurred substantial operational costs. Traditional lighting systems were proving to be both inefficient and expensive to maintain. Wigan Athletic sought a solution that would enhance the visibility of their matches and training sessions while simultaneously reducing the financial burden associated with outdated lighting technologies.



Greenarc offered a comprehensive solution to Wigan Athletic Football Clubs challenges. With a longstanding relationship spanning over five years, Greenarc collaborated closely with Wigan Athletic to understand their specific needs. The solution involved a detailed consultation and design phase, where Greenarc experts presented the advantages of transitioning to LED lighting. The proposed LED lighting not only promised superior illumination but also boasted energy efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings for Wigan Athletic. Greenarc’s support extended beyond consultation, encompassing the entire journey from design to installation. The successful implementation of the LED lighting system not only addressed the initial challenges but also proved to be a financially prudent decision for Wigan Athletic.


Wigan Athletic’s decision to partner with Greenarc has proven to be a game-changer in more ways than one. The transition to LED lighting not only resolved the challenge of poor lighting but also significantly lowered operational costs, saving Wigan Athletic a considerable amount of money. The enduring partnership between Wigan Athletic and Greenarc is a testament to the success of the solution provided. Beyond the tangible benefits, the collaboration has fostered a positive and enduring relationship between the two entities. Wigan Athletic, impressed with the results and the ongoing support from Greenarc, proudly recommends their lighting solutions to others in the sporting community. The case of Wigan Athletic and Greenarc exemplifies how strategic partnerships and innovative solutions can transform challenges into opportunities, benefiting both the immediate stakeholders and the wider community.

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