The truth about electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK

If you are considering switching to an electric vehicle (EV), the chances are you’ve heard some scary stories about the state of EV charging infrastructure in the UK. Rumours circulate that charging is too expensive, there aren’t enough charging stations, long-distance travel is impossible, and switching to an EV is bad choice. In reality, switching […]

Greenarc’s national GO! Electric Roadshow comes to Halifax

Greenarc is bringing its GO! Electric Roadshow to Halifax on Friday 27th October from 8.30am at the Crossley Gallery in Dean Clough. The roadshow aims to provide attendees with information on electrifying their fleet and includes speakers from Tesla, Andersen EV and BCF Wessex. Greenarc is inviting local businesses to this free event to find […]

Electric Vehicles: What They Don’t Tell You…

 When you first dive into the world of EVs, your main focus is on charging. It’s the single biggest difference between an EV and ICE car. So, it’s no surprise that how, when, and where to charge your EV are the still most common questions we are asked at Greenarc Vehicles. As pioneers in the […]

Finding the Perfect EV for Work – The 3 Big Factors to Consider

Human hand, plugging in electric charger into Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular for personal and professional use. Not only do EVs reduce fuel costs, but they also help to reduce carbon emissions. However, several factors need to be considered when choosing an EV for work. In this blog, we’ll explore the three big factors you should consider when deciding which […]

Understanding the UK’s Clean Air Zones in 2023

CAZ, ZEZ, and ULEZ. Nope, they’re not the nicknames for the members of a boy band. They’re the acronyms for the various types of clean air zones operating in cities in the UK. But you probably already knew that. Let’s be honest. In 2023, none of us are strangers to the impact of vehicle emissions […]