Ensuring Electrical Safety and Compliance

Embrace a safer, compliant, and energy-conscious workspace.
Imagine your business running like a well-oiled machine, where setbacks like equipment failure and electrical outages are things of the past. A safer, compliant, and more efficient work environment is not just a dream but a reality that can be achieved through regular electrical maintenance and testing.
The importance of electrical compliance
Overlooking routine electrical testing is akin to playing with fire – literally. It escalates the risk of electrical accidents, facilitates non-compliance with legal obligations, and steadily reduces the lifespan of your valued electrical systems.

Regular testing of electrical equipment not only safeguards lives but also ensures legal compliance. It’s also a great way to pump life into your electrical systems, extending their performance life and thus saving money in the long run.
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Greenarc Electrical’s range of services
At Greenarc Electrical, we’re supercharged with a mission to make your workspace safe and energy-efficient. Our range of electrical compliance services reaches every corner of your business, delivering quality service backed by our robust expertise and our commitment to safety and sustainability:

EICR/Fixed Wire Testing

Understanding the condition of the wires running through your building is essential. Electric Installation Condition Reports (EICR) and fixed wire testing help ensure your electrical installations’ safety and performance. Our engineers will thoroughly inspect your systems and give you a detailed report that’s easy to understand.

Portable Appliance (PAT) Testing

Each appliance in your workspace deserves meticulous care. Our Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) protocol ensures the safety and longevity of your portable electrical equipment. Our expert touch makes PAT testing efficient, reliable, and supportive of your ambitions.

Emergency Lighting Testing

When everything goes dark, emergency lighting steps in! Our expertise in testing and maintaining emergency lighting systems ensures optimal performance and illumination during unexpected power outages or emergencies. Life may be full of surprises, but a pitch-black emergency doesn’t have to be one of them.

Fire System Testing

A proactive approach to fire safety saves both lives and assets. Regular fire system testing provides early detection and response to potential fire hazards. Our team is skilled in testing and maintaining fire alarm systems, fire detectors, and emergency shut-off systems

Fixed Appliance (FAT) Testing

Your fixed electrical appliances deserve just as much attention as their portable counterparts. With our comprehensive Fixed Appliance Testing (FAT), we ensure their safety and functionality so they keep serving your business

Stage Lighting Testing

Whether it’s lighting up a conference or heightening the drama in theatre performances, stage lighting must be at its best. Our expertise ensures your stage lighting system safely sets the mood every time.

Thermal Image Testing

With this technology, we can see potential electrical issues, such as overheating and faulty connections. Our advanced thermal imaging tech can find and solve problems even before they have an impact.

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With Greenarc Electrical, ensuring electrical safety and compliance is never a chore. It’s a journey towards an eco-conscious, efficient, safe, and harmonious working environment that marries modern business needs with your organisation’s safety.

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