Greenarc Electrical Partners with East Lancashire Hospice for Free Annual PAT Testing

Greenarc Electrical Partners with East Lancashire Hospice for Free Annual PAT Testing


For over 35 years East Lancashire Hospice has continuously provided a special way of caring to people suffering from life limiting illnesses throughout Blackburn, Darwen, Hyndburn and the Ribble Valley.

The Challenge

Maintaining electrical compliance and safeguarding of staff and residents is fundamental at East Lancashire Hospice. It is a necessity to meet the regulatory standards to guarantee a safe environment.

The Partnership with Greenarc 

East Lancashire Hospice forged a valuable partnership with Greenarc Electrical to enhance and ensure their electrical compliance standards. The collaboration was characterised by a seamless blend of professionalism, friendliness, and exemplary assistance. Greenarc Electrical proved to be a reliable guide, offering the hospice a comprehensive understanding of their compliance options. The team at Greenarc not only showcased a high level of expertise but also took the time to educate the hospice staff, fostering a collaborative and informed approach to compliance. Throughout the process, Greenarc Electrical demonstrated unwavering commitment, ensuring that all work undertaken met and exceeded the necessary standards. Their proficiency, combined with a friendly and helpful demeanor, has significantly contributed to East Lancashire Hospice’s commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant electrical environment.

Ongoing Support

Recognising the hospice’s commitment to their community, Greenarc Electrical is proud to contribute to their mission by offering a complimentary annual Portable Appliance Test (PAT). 

Greenarc Electrical (formly Elektec) have supported East Lancashire Hospice for a number of years with our annual PAT testing, providing us with a free service, saving thousands of pounds which is instead able to go directly towards the provision of patient care.”


In conclusion, the collaboration between East Lancashire Hospice and Greenarc Electrical stands as a testament to the importance of proactive measures in ensuring electrical compliance. Greenarc Electrical’s professionalism, friendly approach, and invaluable guidance have not only facilitated the hospice’s adherence to regulatory standards but have also fostered a culture of awareness and education within the organisation. By choosing Greenarc Electrical, East Lancashire Hospice has not only secured a high standard of work but has also established a partnership characterized by trust and reliability. As a result, the hospice can confidently move forward, knowing that their commitment to electrical compliance is upheld with diligence and expertise, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of both staff and patients.


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