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Building the future and elevating sustainability in construction and civil engineering

Every project is a blueprint for the future in construction and civil engineering. At Greenarc, we recognise your power in shaping a sustainable tomorrow through innovative building practices and materials. The sector’s unique position to influence environmental impact—be it through the resources used or the methods employed—sets the stage for transformative change. We’re here to support you in this transition, understanding the challenges and promising prospects of integrating clean energy solutions into your projects.

Constructing a greener legacy

Adopting clean energy in construction and civil engineering is no longer a choice but a necessity. As urban landscapes grow and infrastructures age, the need for energy-efficient, low-carbon solutions becomes paramount.

This shift responds to global calls for sustainability. It offers a competitive edge in an industry increasingly defined by its environmental impact.

The benefits are clear: enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs over the life cycle of projects, and a distinguished reputation as pioneers of green building.

Building foundations with Greenarc’s clean energy solutions

Greenarc is poised to help the construction and civil engineering sector pave the way for a cleaner environment through a suite of targeted services. 

Solar PV

Transition your farm vehicles to electric models with our leasing services and keep them running with tailored EV charging infrastructure. Clean, cost-effective mobility puts you in control of your carbon footprint.

EV Charging and Electrical Services

Embrace electric mobility on-site and beyond with EV charging infrastructure and comprehensive electrical services, reducing reliance on traditional fuel sources and enhancing your green credentials.

Electric Vehicle Leasing for Business

Transform your fleet with our electric vehicle leasing options. We provide flexible, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional combustion engines, from site vehicles to employee transport.

Bulk Fuels and HVO

Our nationwide bulk fuel and 100% renewable diesel service keeps your site moving and offers a scheduled fuelling plan to ensure you always have a reliable supply of the vital fuel you require for your operations.

Vehicle Fuels and Carbon Offset Fuel Cards

For operations not yet ready to go fully electric, our large fuel card network with renewable diesel options and carbon offset programs provide a bridge, reducing your carbon footprint while you advance towards a fully green fleet.

Tailored Clean Energy Consultation

Every project has its own set of requirements and challenges. We kickstart our partnership with a simple yet profound question, “Why do you want to decarbonise?” Your answer guides our customised approach, ensuring our solutions perfectly align with your project’s needs, timeline, and sustainability goals.

Constructing a sustainable future together

The journey towards integrating clean energy within the construction and civil engineering sector opens up new horizons for innovation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

Whether it’s leveraging cost savings, enhancing operational efficiency, or building a legacy of sustainability, Greenarc is here to guide you every step of the way.

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