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Schools, universities, research institutions—you’re not just agents of knowledge but builders of the future. At Greenarc, we recognise and respect your role in shaping young minds and fostering progress. Incorporating clean energy in education isn’t merely a transition. It’s a transformative step towards a sustainable future. We’re here to guide you along the path, understanding your sector’s distinctive challenges and ambitions for the journey to net zero.
The class is in session: time to transition.
The demand and urgency for integrating clean energy practices within the education sector has never been more pronounced. The tangible benefits range dramatically: lowering operational costs, reducing carbon footprints, and, more importantly, influencing a generation to live sustainably. This shift signals more than environmental responsibility—it’s a statement of educational integrity and a commitment to progressive ideologies.
Learning from Greenarc’s clean energy curriculum
Greenarc equips educational institutions with a suite of dedicated clean energy solutions.

Solar PV

Make your institution a living classroom with Solar PV installations. Harvest sunlight for power while teaching students the importance and operation of renewable energy.

EV Charging and Electrical Services

Establish the infrastructure for electric mobility within your premises and ensure its seamless operation with comprehensive electrical services.

Electric Vehicle Leasing for Business

From faculty cars to campus shuttles, we are your leasing partner. Shift to electric vehicles with our lease offerings. It’s a practical lesson in environmental stewardship for your students.

Bulk Fuels and HVO

Our nationwide bulk fuel and 100% renewable diesel service keeps your buildings warm and offers a scheduled fuelling plan to ensure you always have a reliable supply of the vital fuel you require.

Vehicle Fuels and Carbon Offset Fuel Cards

As you transition towards a completely renewable energy footprint, let our large traditional fuel network, renewable diesel options and carbon offset fuel cards supplement your journey, reducing your carbon footprint.

Customised Clean Energy Consultation

Each institution has unique energy requirements. We adapt our offerings to your needs, starting our collaboration with an essential question: “Why do you want to decarbonise?” Your answer helps tailor our approach, aligning with your institution’s sustainability goals and timelines.

LED Lighting
Our LED lighting solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption and costs while improving the quality of light. We offer a wide range of products, including high-efficiency fixtures and bulbs that can be used in any application—from classrooms to car parks.
Building a better future together
The journey towards a cleaner, greener footprint in the education sector is more than just a transformation—it’s a lesson for future generations.
Whether it’s cost savings, enhancing your institution’s environmental reputation, or inspiring the next generation, Greenarc is here to guide you every step of the way.

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