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Charging the data industry with clean power and creating your sustainable blueprint.
Data centres are the invisible heartbeats powering the pulse of our digital world. At Greenarc, we understand that these hubs of digital transformation are not just about storing and processing data but continually innovating for a sustainable future. The unique challenges data centres face, like balancing uptime requirements with power consumption, are areas we’re well-equipped to navigate.
The clock is ticking.
Powering up now for a sustainable future.
In today’s digital age, the global reliance on data centres has surged, pushing the need for energy efficiency to the forefront. The transition to clean energy is crucial to reduce operational costs and carbon footprints. Plus, building resilience against an uncertain energy-of-availability landscape. The benefits waiting to be unlocked align perfectly with the data centre industry’s goals: efficiency, reliability, and innovative leadership.
Embrace the power of clean energy with Greenarc
Greenarc is here to empower data centres with designed-to-fit clean energy services that propel you towards a carbon-neutral future.

Solar PV

Generate resilient, renewable power through our optimally engineered Solar PV solutions. Transform your rooftops into energy assets, reducing dependence on grid power and improving energy security.

EV Charging and Electrical Services

Upgrade your facilities’ electrical infrastructure to support electric mobility, ensuring ready-to-go clean energy solutions for staff with our comprehensive EV charging points.

Electric Vehicle Leasing for Business

Provide your employees with a range of electric vehicles. Leverage our business leasing services to revolutionise your company fleet, positively impacting your carbon footprint.

Bulk Fuels and HVO

Our nationwide bulk fuel and 100% renewable diesel service keeps your site moving and offers a scheduled fuelling plan to ensure you always have a reliable supply of the vital fuel you require for your back up generators.

Vehicle Fuels and Carbon Offset Fuel Cards

Our large fuel card network and our Carbon Offset Fuel Cards offer solutions to bridge the gap in your journey to carbon neutrality, helping balance your footprint while you transition towards cleaner technologies.

Tailored Clean Energy Consultation

As your data centres are unique, so should your energy solutions. By probing the reasons for your decarbonisation intent, we sculpt tailored strategies that align with your specific sector needs, budgets, and timeframes.

Gateway to a brighter, sustainable future
The shift towards clean energy in the data centre industry represents a decisive move towards a more sustainable digital world.
Whether the path forward entails lowered operational costs, enhanced brand reputation, or improved energy resilience, Greenarc is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Let’s weave the narrative of data centres and clean energy together. Because efficiency and sustainability should — and can — go hand in hand in our digital era.

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