Your Solar PV Finance Options


Unlock the highest financial rewards for your business by using your own cash reserves to invest in a Solar PV system. At Greenarc, we know the importance of a healthy cash flow for our partners. That’s why we have developed unique and flexible options to help you acquire your PV system in a way that perfectly fits your needs. Join us and experience the ultimate financial gains over the lifespan of your solar energy solution.
Greenarc PPA

Introducing the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our partners to benefit from a fully designed, installed, and annually maintained system. And best of all – you don’t pay a penny upfront.

From the moment it’s commissioned, our PPA will slash your bills and offer you the advantage of purchasing at a rate lower than the RPI throughout the agreement. Plus, you can customise your PPA to perfectly fit your business needs for the duration.
Don’t miss out on this incredible offer! Please see the example below.
The figures are based on a business currently paying 0.31p per unit and operating 5 Days per week. The example is also based on a 560kW system with varying 10, 15, and 20-year terms.
PPA Rate (p/kWh Generated)
Savings year 1
Saving over PPA Term
10 years (120 months)
15 years (180 months)
20 years (240 months)
Key Benefits.

Here are the key benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. Immediate Savings – Once your system is installed, you’re locked in at a quoted rate per kWh, shielding you from rising energy costs.
  2. No Hidden Costs – We take care of everything, from operations to maintenance and insurance.
  3. Stay Informed with Continual Monitoring – Our system provides you and us with accurate, real-time data, giving insights into the performance and operation of your system.
  4. Embrace the Latest Technology – As we identify and implement technology upgrades, you can take advantage of them at no extra cost, maximising the benefits of your system.


With Greenarc, you can save money and enjoy hassle-free energy solutions without any financial burden. Contact us now for your no-cost installation!

Greenarc Finance

Choose from the best finance options available with our select partners. We understand the importance of customising a solution that fits your needs, whether it’s the amount borrowed, the term, or the repayment terms. Let us tailor the perfect finance solution for you.

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