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Entertaining a sustainable future and elevating experiences with clean energy

The leisure and hospitality industry is a vital part of our lives, providing us with the backdrop to many memorable experiences. And, as society embarks on a greener path, your potential to lead in sustainability shines brightly. With Greenarc, transitioning to clean energy becomes a seamless journey. Let’s redefine what it means to offer hospitality and leisure in today’s eco-conscious world. It’s time to inspire your guests with innovation and commitment to the planet.

Why now? A new era of eco-conscious hospitality.

In a world awakened to the realities of climate change, the expectations of travellers, guests, and customers are evolving. They seek experiences that align with their values — where luxury meets sustainability, and indulgence doesn’t come at the earth’s expense. Clean energy integration sets a new standard in the leisure and hospitality sector, reinforcing your commitment to a sustainable future. It’s an investment in the health of your business and the planet, positioning your brand as a leader in the eco-conscious movement that defines our times.

Learning from Greenarc’s clean energy curriculum

Discover how Greenarc can transform your operations with sustainable energy solutions.

Solar PV

Use your property’s unused rooftops or open spaces to generate clean energy, significantly reducing your electricity costs and carbon footprint.

EV Charging and Electrical Services

Install EV charging stations to cater to the growing market of electric vehicle owners, enhancing your appeal to eco-minded guests. Upgrade to LED lighting across your facilities for a brighter, more energy-efficient, and cost-effective operation.

Electric Vehicle Leasing for Business

Upgrade your business fleet with our range of leasing and rental options. Modernise your service fleet with electric vehicles, reflecting your commitment to cutting-edge, eco-friendly transport solutions.

Bulk Fuels and HVO

Our nationwide bulk fuel and 100% renewable diesel service keeps your properties warm and fuelled. Utilise our scheduled fuelling plan to ensure you always have a reliable supply of the vital fuel you require to run and maintain your properties.

Vehicle Fuels and Carbon Offset Fuel Cards

Our large fuel card network and our Carbon Offset Fuel Cards offer solutions to bridge the gap in your journey to carbon neutrality, helping balance your footprint while you transition towards cleaner technologies.

Customised Clean Energy Consultation

Your vision for a sustainable leisure and hospitality business is unique. Starting with a deep dive into your “why”, we create a personalised blueprint that matches your specific needs, timelines, and sustainability ambitions.

Your future in sustainable hospitality begins here

Collaborating with Greenarc elevates your environmental stewardship and enhances your brand reputation and guest satisfaction.
We equip you to navigate the clean energy transition effortlessly, focusing on enriching guest experiences while underpinning your operations with sustainability.

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