Greenarc strengthens fleet of international manufacturer and supports their transition to Electric Vehicles

Greenarc strengthens fleet of international manufacturer and supports their transition to Electric Vehicles


Panaz are an international fabric designer, manufacturer and solutions group committed to delivering a holistic and client-focused service that’s built on quality and innovation with a heritage spanning almost 40 years. Their fabrics are performance-driven, taking years to develop within a large team of textile experts.

Organisation Size

100+ employees
5 UK Offices

The Challenge

For years, Panaz had been juggling with the complexities of managing their fleet. Procuring, maintaining, and optimising vehicles demanded considerable time and resources, which often took their internal management teams away from more strategic tasks. Panaz needed a solution that could alleviate this burden while ensuring they made cost-effective, future proof and sustainable choices with regards to their essential vehicles. Like many businesses, Panaz had a mix of funding suppliers which they were looking to consolidate to create a structured approach.

The Partnership with Greenarc Vehicles

Panaz and Greenarc Vehicles has a long-standing business relationship built on trust and results. Panaz appreciated Greenarc Vehicles’s consultative approach, which differed significantly from other vehicle leasing providers they had worked with in the past.
Greenarc Vehicles understood that Panaz’s fleet requirements were unique, and instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions, Greenarc Vehicles took the time to deeply understand Panaz’s business needs, goals, and constraints.

By conducting an extensive whole life cost analysis Greenarc Vehicles were able to provide accurate data to Panaz relating to their current fleet costs and the potential cost savings through NI, corporation tax, BIK and running costs by making the switch to a low carbon fleet.

This consultative process was hugely beneficial when creating Panaz’s new fleet strategy and through driver consultations and ongoing support, Greenarc Vehicles were able to optimise Panaz’s fleet operations, ultimately saving them a substantial amount of time and resources whilst administering a seamless process transitioning the fleet to EV’s and PHEVs whilst proving support on vehicle charging and energy.

Nadeem Memon Group CFO, Panaz said:

“By actively engaging with our drivers, Greenarc Vehicles gained valuable insights into their specific needs and challenges, allowing for tailored solutions. This consultative approach fostered a strong sense of collaboration and trust between our businesses, which we value. It’s this dedication to understanding and addressing our driver’s unique requirements that sets Greenarc Vehicles apart from their competitors, making them our preferred partner in fleet management, their approach to the project and knowledge was very professional and their personal touch in providing an all-round solution was very refreshing indeed”


Greenarc Vehicles crafted customised fleet management solutions for Panaz. These solutions were designed to optimise Panaz’s vehicle fleet, making it more tax efficient, cost-effective while achieving significant carbon reductions in line with the businesses carbon reduction plan.

Greenarc Vehicles’ team managed the entire vehicle procurement process on Panaz’s behalf. This included researching, sourcing, and negotiating with suppliers, funders and installers. This took a significant load off Panaz’s internal management teams, and the provision of the Keys fleet management system has not only driven significant resource savings, but it has improved compliance significantly.


As a result of working with Greenarc Vehicles, Panaz has seen great cost savings as well as valuable time. When looking at the whole life cost of the new Panaz fleet the business has seen a cost saving of around £30 to £40k pa.


By understanding Panaz’s unique needs and providing tailored solutions, Greenarc Vehicles not only eased the burden of fleet management. This continuing partnership exemplifies how a trusted advisor like Greenarc Vehicles can make a significant difference in a company’s operations and bottom line while supporting them on the Road to Zero as part of a wider carbon reduction piece as we move towards 2030 and net zero 2050.

As a result of this trusted relationship, Panaz have now invested further engaging Greenarc for their Charging, Fuel Card and EV Card requirements as well as embarking on phase two of the fleet transition by introducing Greenarc’s SalEx scheme offering EV’s to non-company car eligible staff by way of an employee benefit.

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